National Young Leadership Cabinet

Embarking on a Cabinet journey, means travelling in the company of likeminded philanthropists. Learning from, and beside, renowned thought leaders.  Engaging together, in the Jewish Federation system’s most comprehensive, and prestigious, leadership-development curriculum. Becoming outstanding, Jewish communal leaders.

You’re also forging lasting bonds and creating a close, lifelong network of friends.

Through inspiring annual retreats, conferences and unparalleled access to an extraordinary group of spiritual and philanthropic leaders. Through missions to Israel and diverse places like Greece, Ethiopia, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Morocco and Argentina. Through witnessing firsthand how your work through the Federation system touches more Jewish lives than any other group on the planet.

During the course of this unique program, Cabinet amplifies your leadership skills. Educates you on building strong local and global Jewish communities.  And how to care for the most vulnerable among us—here at home, in Israel and around the world.

Embark on the Cabinet journey. Strengthen the Jewish community. Now and for generations to come.

For more information about how to apply for Cabinet, read our Cabinet guidelines, Cabinet FAQ or email Carly.

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*Admission to Cabinet requires a nomination from your local community as well as an application and interview. The process is highly competitive and requires a minimum annual gift of $5000


The Impact of Cabinet

"Cabinet connected me to likeminded leaders, activists and philanthropists who are now lifelong friends."—Alison Lebovitz, Chattanooga, Co-Chair, NYL Cabinet Alumni

"Cabinet made me a better leader, businessman, and friend. It benefitted my life in almost every way imaginable."—Robb Lippitt, Detroit, Co-Chair, NYL Cabinet Alumni

"Through Cabinet, I built lasting friendships with others who share my passion for sustaining Jewish life around the world."—Jordan Sills, Class of 2007, San Francisco Federation Major Gifts Chair

"Cabinet is an incredible opportunity for the country's top young Jewish leaders to join forces and truly change lives!"—Michelle L. Hirsch, Cleveland, Cabinet Member 

"Cabinet has strengthened my connection to the work of the Jewish Federations. My life has been enhanced through the experiences I have been offered and the friendships I have formed."—Beth Liss, Kansas City, Cabinet Co-Chair

"Cabinet has enriched my life in ways I never imagined it would."—Josh Green, Sarasota-Manatee, Cabinet Co-Chair

"Cabinet reconnected me with my Jewish roots and helped me create lasting relationships with other young Jews around the US."—Seth Wong, Colorado, Cabinet member

Watch our anniversary video, National Young Leadership Cabinet at 50.






people are alumni of National Young Leadership Cabinet, many of them today’s top Jewish leaders.


is raised each year by the current members of National Young Leadership Cabinet.