Create YOUR Jewish community. Federation is launching a new Leadership development opportunity to help build community in San Diego. Over the course of a year, you will gain new leadership skills, build relationships with individuals, host meaningful social gatherings, and learn more about Federation and our community.


Ambassadors are chosen through an application and interview process. They are expected to make at least a one year commitment with the potential to earn up to a $1,000 stipend.

Would you make a good ambassador?


You see the value in building community, you want to learn more about Federation and be a leader in the community.


You love meeting new people and are willing to take newcomers to coffee. You are knowledgeable about the community and will connect people to their peers and Jewish experiences.


You want to hone your leadership and learn new skills then put those skills to work by facilitating smaller LEADS groups.


You love hosting gatherings such as Shabbat Dinners, Happy Hours and Superbowl parties! Ambassadors will host meets up doing the things they love to do!

Join us for a ZOOM info Session on November 12 at 7pm.

What are the expectations of Ambassadors?

  1. Attend 6 trainings throughout the year, including an initial all day retreat starting in January 2020.


  2.  Host social gatherings such as happy hour, rock climbing, bonfires & Shabbat dinner.

  3. Meet with new community members.

  4. Help plan and support Newcomers Brunch Represent NextGen and Federation in the community. Attend community events such as Men’s Events, Options, and IsraelFest.

  5. Maintain continuing and open communication with Federation staff.